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As FieldTech, we develop innovative products and value-added systems with a sustainable holistic approach by delving deep into sophisticated work processes. We offer solutions that facilitate, accelerate, reform and regulate the project cycle.
The interdisciplinary company was founded in 2017 in İzmir by MSc Architect Selin Küçük. FieldTech team is consisted of engineers, designers, and historians working both in the office and in the field.
Construction, mining, surveying & mapping, architecture and archaelogy are the primary sectors that FieldTech is in service.
The system provides users to carry out whole project cycles in a single real-time platform. It accelarates and eases the process, decreases operation costs, and avoids the mistakes.
In Archaeology, FieldTech carried out the fastest mapping and architectural documentation in 2019, and the world’s largest in 2020.
FieldTech Team
Founder M.Sc Architect (İTÜ)
Senior Software Developer
Geomatics Engineer (İTÜ)
Software Developer
Cerennur YALÇIN
Advisor Prof. Dr (İTÜ)
Ergin TARI
Software Developer
Art Historian

Our Technology
AEC industry have both fieldwork and office work. Surveying equipments such as GNSS, Total Station, UAV, and laser scanners are controlled by handheld units, tablets and joysticks and field data is collected. The data is processed and projected in the office, implementations and controls are carried out in the field. This complicated and time-consuming process causes data loss and high operational costs.
Ergo-Field solves the problems of conventional systems. It provides users to manage data collection and processing simultaneously on a single ergonomic platform. Thus, it facilitates and accelerates the project cycle, reduces operational costs, prevents data loss and errors.
Ergo-Field real-time surveying platform is designed for field professionals. It has a user-friendly and developable interface, and an ergonomic design. Having its own SDK enables Ergo-Field to be integrated with various equipment and software.
FieldTech develops innovative products and provides regular systems with a sustainable holistic approach by delving deep into sophisticated work process.
Product Range
Ergo-Field is both a hardware and software solution.
The hardware is designed for ergonomic use at field. It has necessary components such as buttons and function keys for real-time surveying.
FieldTech Assistant provides a user-friendly interface and includes two panels.
One is used at the beginning of fieldwork for project management along with device and software settings. Other panel is used for data observation and quick access to necessary tools during real-time surveying.
FieldCAD is a CAD Plug-in includes practical commands developed by our field experienced team. The software extremely eases and accelerates field drawings.
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Ergo-Field is an ergonomic real-time data processing platform which can be integrated into land surveying devices, laser scanning devices, and unmanned aerial vehicles through tablet PCs, so to be used in survey, design, documentation, implementation, and control processes of projects in field sectors such as surveying, mapping and construction.
Ergo-Field System
Ergo-Field system gives surveyors freedom.
The flexible system that user can customize according to own device and software selection.
It is fully integrated with windows operating system. You can integrate GNSS, Robotic Total Station, Laser Scanner or UAV as surveying device, process their data in any CAD Platform simultaneously, use a pole mount or shoulder strap upon the device selection. Any size of tablet PC is also attachable through slider/slot mechanism of Ergo-Field.
Conventional Surveying
In conventional surveying systems, data collected from surveying devices via controllers have to be transferred into office PC and post-processed in CAD Software.
Real-Time Surveying with Ergo-Field
Unlike conventional surveying, Ergo-Field system provides real-time data processing. There is not data transfer nor data loss. Simple connection to surveying devices, easy to use, practical commands for drawings. Just connect the device, press the function key, capture the data and it is on CAD screen. Welcome to the future of survey!
Conventional Process vs. Ergo-Field System
Problem - Solution
Ergo-Field awarded Best National Invention by Turkish Patent Institute in 2019. Besides, the system was awarded first prize in Space Tec-3 Business Pitch Event by UK Space Agency in 2020.
The award-wining technology solves a real problem of field sector with a smart integration.
User Scenario
Mapping and Architectural Documentation
Value Proposition
We reformed archaeological survey!
FieldTech contributes substantially to social sciences with Ergo-Field solution. Ergo-Field is the latest and most efficient documentation technology for Archaeological Survey and Excavation Projects. Forget about the graph papers!
Base Map and Schematic Plan
Dynamic Segmentation
FieldTech has developed an AI (artificial intellegence) module which automatically classify object segments and damages in the orthophoto.
The Dynamic Segmentation module is very beneficial while working in a land with a large surface area. You can pre-analyze the field in order to get the type, area, and density of the object classes such as trees, buildings, and portable objects, as well as the orthophoto damages such as exposure, blur, and missing data.
Considering the limited time at the fieldwork, this software will provide you a convenience with a high accuracy that is more than 98% for each class.
Stone Plan
3d Models of the Site and Critical Sections
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