Magic click for documenting cultural heritage

There is a vast amount of tangible cultural heritage around the world. Reliable documentation is essential from archaeological survey projects to historic settlement preservation projects. Additionally, effective use of time and reducing costs and labour are critical in recent conditions.

Ergo-Field is an ergonomic real-time data processing platform. The system provides an ideal experience and interface for users. Unlike conventional systems, the Ergo-Field system requires no data transfer or conversion among devices and software during the documentation process. It is fully integrated with the Windows operating system. You can integrate any model Trimble GNSS or robotic total station as a surveying device and process their data in the AutoCAD Civil 3D interface simultaneously. It can easily be attached to the pole with an adjustable-angle mounting accessory. Any size of tablet PC between 10 and 14'' is also compatible with Ergo-Field thanks to the slider mechanism. Thus, you can process the field data in a customised CAD interface and conduct the whole project cycle on a single platform.

Ergo-Field is both a hardware and software solution. Ergo-Field hardware is designed for ergonomic use in the field. Ergo-Field has buttons to get real-time data, function keys as CAD commands, joysticks for mouse functions, main functional keys as DEL, ENTER, and ESC, and arrow keys.


Ergo-Field meets military standards for resistance to environmental conditions and certification.

 Dimensions & Weight

Width: 500 mm

Height: 310 mm

Depth: 30 mm

Weight: 1.0 kg

Material: Carbon fiber


Operating System: Windows

Size: 10’’-14’’

Integrated Surveying Devices

GNSS: Trimble R Series, Trimble SPS Series, Trimble RTX

Total Station: Trimble S Series, Spectra Precision Focus, Trimble SX Series





Durability, MIL-STD-810 G

Humidity, Rain, Dust: IP67

Drop: 180 cm

Operating Temperature: -15°C  +55°C

Storage Temperature: -30°C +65°C

I/O Interface

1 X Rugged USB 2.0 Type-A


Supply: No batteries, power from tablet PC via USB A- USB A cable

Input: 5V DC , 500mA 

Test Results: 

Safety, Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU, PASS

EMC, Emmission: EN 55032:2015 – Class B, Immunity: EN55024:2010 + a1:2015 PASS – Class B